Group of Soviet Forces Germany  

I did this brigade based off some photos of a former Soviet Armor unit's Kasserne in East Germany.  The T-80s had an interesting Blue-Grey camouflage I wanted to copy.  These models are more grey than blue in real life.

The unit is configured as a GSFG T-80 Tank Regiment using Modern Spearhead.  I added the BTR Battalion later to swap out for use in a Motorized Division.

Three Tank battalions

BMP-2 Battalion with Strela Stand and towed 120mm Mortar

BTR-80s with ATGM stand, AGS-17 Stand, Strela and Mortars

Command Stand
Command Stand, Recon, ATGM and some SA-9s

Recon, 2S3 Battalion, SHORAD detachment
World War 1974

Frontal Aviation

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